At What Temperature Do Termites Appear?

Having a termite infestation is a major inconvenience. They feed on wood and the damage they can cause can be really significant. As professional Termite Inspection San Diego Company, we believe that knowing some aspects about these xylophagous insects can be really useful to prevent their appearance, and one of the most common doubts in this regard is related to the temperature in which the termites are more comfortable and can be developed more easily.

Ideal Temperature for the Appearance of Termites

Termites are small insects that move more slowly than we think, which prevents their appearance in areas that are too hot or too cold. Specifically, they prefer temperatures between 64.4ºF and 95ºC. They will not forage for food and survive in places that are not within this temperature range, although humidity also plays a role.

In addition, it should be noted that termites cannot survive in environments that are above 37ºC or below -3ºC, so they usually stay in those areas where the temperature level is ideal for them.

What happens with the temperature changes that occur throughout the year and with extreme temperatures? Temperatures vary greatly throughout the year in all regions. When there is a termite infestation, they react to changes in temperature by moving into the interior of the wooden structures to continue consuming the cellulose. In the case of subterranean termites, what they do is dig deeper into the ground in search of more stable temperatures, for example.

Subterranean termites also seek shade on the hottest days when the ground is too warm, and in winter, they will dig up to 12 meters deep and remain in a dormant state for a while. There are termites that hibernate inside logs or other exterior wooden structures, and that regain movement when temperatures rise.

At Turbo Termite & Repair in Southern California, we recommend paying attention to humidity. Termites prefer environments with notable environmental humidity, as well as the most humid wood in some cases. Determining the situation of a termite infestation with regard to the place where it is found, the temperature, and the humidity is key to proceeding with the application of an adequate treatment for its elimination.


Prevention of Bullying in Preschool

One of the problems suffered in almost every preschool, which is of increasing concern to society, is bullying.

Prevention of Bullying in Preschool

The media has been echoing cases of bullying or bullying to the desperation of the parents of those affected. The inefficiency and passivity of many schools, which far from getting involved in the problem, look the other way and turn a deaf ear to complaints, perhaps hoping that the conflict will disappear on its own.

At the Vine Learning Center, we have wanted to document ourselves on this problem that is spreading throughout the educational community, to try to contribute our grain of sand in the appropriate approach to the problem from the earliest age.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that, although the most serious cases of bullying occur in the adolescent age, cases are also detected in the preschool environment. Therefore, we think that if we manage to stop certain inappropriate behaviors among the little ones, it is possible to avoid future conflicts.

Experts on the subject say that children under three years of age lack the cognitive ability to empathize with others. For this reason, when their behavior makes other children suffer, they are not aware of what they are doing. But from the age of four, if a child misbehaves, he is simply being bad.

The reasons for these behaviors can be varied, such as the little abuser may have received bad behavior at home, that he seeks attention for various reasons, or that he simply enjoys hurting others.

How can we help against bullying?

From The Vine Learning Center, we give you some advice:

  • Listen and talk to your child, let him tell you his stories and feelings; so you can find out if something is not going as it should. Ask him questions to make it easier for him to verbalize his feelings and explain what happened, such as: “did someone hurt you?” or “Can you tell me what he did exactly?”
  • Don’t downplay it. Many parents make the mistake of saying “it’s child’s play” and waiting until a critical situation to act. If your child constantly complains that one or more children are bothering him, don’t waste another minute informing yourself in detail about what is really going on.
  • Teach him to defend himself verbally, because most of the time bullying occurs when there are no parents or teachers around. Give examples so the child knows how to do it in those situations.
  • It promotes their social relations in the school environment because by belonging to a group of friends they will protect each other from the possible bad behavior of a third party.
  • Get involved. Talk to the teacher; the fact that she has not seen anything does not mean that she is bad at her job, simply that the child abuser is very good at hurting and knows when to do it with impunity. Tell him about the problem, between both parties a situation can be redirected that does not benefit the affected family or the school.

At The Vine Learning Center | Preschool & Daycare in San Diego, we want to create synergy with the families of our students. We understand that only in this way will we be able to educate happy children, with good self-esteem, with sufficient resources to deal with bullying, and, above all, prepared to successfully rub the future educational stages.

Simple Tips To Avoid Internet Attacks

Do you want to know some simple tips to avoid attacks on the Internet? At IBSOE we give you the information thanks to the Online Cybersecurity Master taught on our Campus.

Can you imagine a whole day without Internet? What devices could you not use? What consequences could it have on your work, family, friendships, activities, etc.? It must be recognized that the Internet has become an indispensable tool for modern life and, simultaneously, it is a space invaded by malicious links, Trojans, and viruses.


Dangers lie in wait for all internet users. On many occasions, we are not aware of them because they have become something habitually or because we do not even consider what may happen.

With just a glance at any information medium, we can find news regarding data leaks, cyberattacks, device espionage, Internet scams, etc., and being unprepared makes us more vulnerable than ever. Therefore, we need some guidelines to help us stay alert and safe when we connect to the internet.

Hence the importance of taking into account these simple tips that we share in this article so that you can minimize the risk.

Update the Software

You must accept the suggestion of updating a new version as soon as you receive it, in addition to some improvements, bug fixes and security patches are installed that make it difficult for hackers to take advantage of system vulnerabilities.

Use an Antivirus and Firewall

It is a way to detect and eliminate “malware” from computers. It is always important to install antivirus from a reputable vendor. Not all those offered on the internet are reliable.

Use Strong Passwords

Only long passwords that are not easy to guess are really secure, especially if you combine words with numbers and signs or symbols. It is also advisable to use a different one for each account and not to expose our passwords in any visible place.

Sign Off

Any program that requires a password login, when you are finished using it or even when you are not present, it is important to log out!

Back-Up Regularly

If you are the victim of a ransomware or malware attack, it is very useful to be able to restore the last data backup or have your documents and relevant information on hard drive partitions other than the operating system partition.

Use Secure Connections

If you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, you must first use a virtual private network (VPN). In this way, communication is encrypted and access to cyber threats is hindered.

Be Wary Of Unidentified Profiles Or Users

The use of false profiles whose sole objective is to access the personal data of other users is becoming more and more common.

This is easy to identify in social networks since they usually contain inconsistencies that can make you suspicious: receiving emails from users you do not know, who invites us to click on a link, messages that promise to make us win large amounts of money, that point out the winner of a raffle in which you did not participate, or even to recover a package that has not arrived at its destination.

Protect All Your Devices

It is important that every device is protected with a minimum PIN or password in case we face theft or loss of it. Another technique is the configuration of facial recognition (use only 3D facial recognition), fingerprint, and iris … Whether it is mobile phones, tablets, or PCs, a secure login as basic protection is an absolute necessity.

Turn Off Smart Devices When Having Confidential Conversations

Haven’t you ever wondered why advertising appears for something you haven’t searched for on the Internet? Smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant “listen”. It is true that it is not comfortable at all to have to turn off all the phones, speakers, and televisions when you have important things to talk about, but it is something that you should know or at least take into account.

Cover The Webcam Of Your Laptop Or Pc

And as a last piece of advice, cover the camera when it is not being used, it can save you from some displeasure, in the event that a hacker infects your computer. Experts in combating cybercrime recommend taking this simple measure, especially on computers that we can have in our room or for private use.

If you keep these basic tips in mind, you will be much more protected and you will avoid later problems.

Why Is Marketing The Future?

I could easily answer the question that titles this article, claiming “Marketing is the future because it is the present”…

I would also be able to answer this question in a simple way, saying “Marketing is the future because it is the best thing yet to come in companies” …

But people who know me know that I don’t even like easy things, much less simple things, which is why I want to bring you this article with a somewhat more complete view of the answer.

In 1902 the Berlin metro was inaugurated, the “Sociedad Madrid Club de Fútbol” (currently Real Madrid) was founded, and famous personalities such as Luis Cernuda and Rafael Alberti were born, but it was also the year where the word Marketing was used for the first time. Specifically, it was at the University of Michigan at the hands of professor ED Jones.

But the discipline had to wait nine years to become “autonomous”, an independent subject given its relevance and strength for the business.

Those were other times, and Marketing was only used in commercial actions for profit, and in a basic way, it was in charge of product and production, until then.

Much has happened since then. More than 118 years in which this matter “has grown fat”. But they have been “kilos” of wisdom, of adaptability, of knowing how to recover from intrusiveness, from the attempts to be a cross-cutting subject, but without sufficient strength as other areas within the company had (and have).

And given this brief explanation of its past… why is Marketing the future? It is because it is market research, it is information for decision-making, it is digital because it has mutated in record time to other possibilities, to other formats… Marketing is not only here to stay, but possibly, if it did not exist, it would have to be invented.

The future of the company passes through your hands. In my two decades as a professional, I have always seen how Marketing has been undervalued. As the first victim in a crisis. As it is the “first change” of that coach who “plays” at being an entrepreneur… Sadly it is so, it is the first leg that is cut in bad times, although, to be optimistic, in less and less volume.

The Marketing of 2020 is not that of 1902, much to be thanked for, but it is not the same. It does not have the same focus, its “tentacles” extend in more directions, it has satellite disciplines such as advertising, communication, Content Marketing, Inbound marketing… Now it is stronger, it has a whole team “that plays for it” .

But do you know why Marketing is really the future? Because we have already realized that it is a capital tool to innovate more in the client. There has always been innovation in the service, in the product, but Marketing allows to do the same directly with the client, and as you well know, this must be the “core” of any company.