International Business School Online Education (IBSOE) program of leadership and skills from being.

A truly transformative hybrid experience

More than a training program, it is a transformation program, with professionals who will accompany you in a deep and practical process that will require your commitment to lead your own personal evolution. It has been designed by national and international experts with a modular and flexible logic that will allow you to prioritize the most relevant challenge that you are experiencing as a participant. We promise to challenge you, challenge you, and disturb your comfort zone so that you mobilize as you decide.

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Cheer up… We know how to do it!


○ Synchronous Classes: 13 hours.

* Opening – 3h
* Individual mentoring – 2h
* MasterClass – 6h
* Closing – 2h

○ Individual academic load – Asynchronous: 11 hours (work on the platform).

Total Synchronous 13hrs
Online Asynchronous 11hrs

Start and Duration:

MODULE 1: My Conscious leadership.
Dates: October 4 to November 22.

MODULE 2: My Mobilizing Leadership.
Dates: January 17 to March 7.

MODULE 3: Transformative Leadership.
Dates: April 11 to May 30.

DURATION each Module: 8 weeks.


Eminently practical with tools that will help develop a growth process from the SELF, to achieve transformation and the development of personal skills and competencies through leadership.

Expert training consultant in the development of transformative leaders and referents, with more than 12 years of experience in Ibero-America and + 15,000 trained executives. The International Business School Online Education environment in which we live requires leaders to develop capacities in the three key fronts that International Business School Online Education develops: Development, Decision, and Change, using Transformative Impact Methodologies. She currently works with the most important companies in New Mexico.

Our ally, International Business School Online Education, designs and accompanies the leadership programs of leading business schools.

International Business School Online Education works with the development of leaders of more than 100 companies in America, impacting more than 6,000 managers worldwide.