Why Is Marketing The Future?

I could easily answer the question that titles this article, claiming “Marketing is the future because it is the present”…

I would also be able to answer this question in a simple way, saying “Marketing is the future because it is the best thing yet to come in companies” …

But people who know me know that I don’t even like easy things, much less simple things, which is why I want to bring you this article with a somewhat more complete view of the answer.

In 1902 the Berlin metro was inaugurated, the “Sociedad Madrid Club de Fútbol” (currently Real Madrid) was founded, and famous personalities such as Luis Cernuda and Rafael Alberti were born, but it was also the year where the word Marketing was used for the first time. Specifically, it was at the University of Michigan at the hands of professor ED Jones.

But the discipline had to wait nine years to become “autonomous”, an independent subject given its relevance and strength for the business.

Those were other times, and Marketing was only used in commercial actions for profit, and in a basic way, it was in charge of product and production, until then.

Much has happened since then. More than 118 years in which this matter “has grown fat”. But they have been “kilos” of wisdom, of adaptability, of knowing how to recover from intrusiveness, from the attempts to be a cross-cutting subject, but without sufficient strength as other areas within the company had (and have).

And given this brief explanation of its past… why is Marketing the future? It is because it is market research, it is information for decision-making, it is digital because it has mutated in record time to other possibilities, to other formats… Marketing is not only here to stay, but possibly, if it did not exist, it would have to be invented.

The future of the company passes through your hands. In my two decades as a professional, I have always seen how Marketing has been undervalued. As the first victim in a crisis. As it is the “first change” of that coach who “plays” at being an entrepreneur… Sadly it is so, it is the first leg that is cut in bad times, although, to be optimistic, in less and less volume.

The Marketing of 2020 is not that of 1902, much to be thanked for, but it is not the same. It does not have the same focus, its “tentacles” extend in more directions, it has satellite disciplines such as advertising, communication, Content Marketing, Inbound marketing… Now it is stronger, it has a whole team “that plays for it” .

But do you know why Marketing is really the future? Because we have already realized that it is a capital tool to innovate more in the client. There has always been innovation in the service, in the product, but Marketing allows to do the same directly with the client, and as you well know, this must be the “core” of any company.