At What Temperature Do Termites Appear?

Having a termite infestation is a major inconvenience. They feed on wood and the damage they can cause can be really significant. As professional Termite Inspection San Diego Company, we believe that knowing some aspects about these xylophagous insects can be really useful to prevent their appearance, and one of the most common doubts in this regard is related to the temperature in which the termites are more comfortable and can be developed more easily.

Ideal Temperature for the Appearance of Termites

Termites are small insects that move more slowly than we think, which prevents their appearance in areas that are too hot or too cold. Specifically, they prefer temperatures between 64.4ºF and 95ºC. They will not forage for food and survive in places that are not within this temperature range, although humidity also plays a role.

In addition, it should be noted that termites cannot survive in environments that are above 37ºC or below -3ºC, so they usually stay in those areas where the temperature level is ideal for them.

What happens with the temperature changes that occur throughout the year and with extreme temperatures? Temperatures vary greatly throughout the year in all regions. When there is a termite infestation, they react to changes in temperature by moving into the interior of the wooden structures to continue consuming the cellulose. In the case of subterranean termites, what they do is dig deeper into the ground in search of more stable temperatures, for example.

Subterranean termites also seek shade on the hottest days when the ground is too warm, and in winter, they will dig up to 12 meters deep and remain in a dormant state for a while. There are termites that hibernate inside logs or other exterior wooden structures, and that regain movement when temperatures rise.

At Turbo Termite & Repair in Southern California, we recommend paying attention to humidity. Termites prefer environments with notable environmental humidity, as well as the most humid wood in some cases. Determining the situation of a termite infestation with regard to the place where it is found, the temperature, and the humidity is key to proceeding with the application of an adequate treatment for its elimination.