Prevention of Bullying in Preschool

One of the problems suffered in almost every preschool, which is of increasing concern to society, is bullying.

Prevention of Bullying in Preschool

The media has been echoing cases of bullying or bullying to the desperation of the parents of those affected. The inefficiency and passivity of many schools, which far from getting involved in the problem, look the other way and turn a deaf ear to complaints, perhaps hoping that the conflict will disappear on its own.

At the Vine Learning Center, we have wanted to document ourselves on this problem that is spreading throughout the educational community, to try to contribute our grain of sand in the appropriate approach to the problem from the earliest age.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that, although the most serious cases of bullying occur in the adolescent age, cases are also detected in the preschool environment. Therefore, we think that if we manage to stop certain inappropriate behaviors among the little ones, it is possible to avoid future conflicts.

Experts on the subject say that children under three years of age lack the cognitive ability to empathize with others. For this reason, when their behavior makes other children suffer, they are not aware of what they are doing. But from the age of four, if a child misbehaves, he is simply being bad.

The reasons for these behaviors can be varied, such as the little abuser may have received bad behavior at home, that he seeks attention for various reasons, or that he simply enjoys hurting others.

How can we help against bullying?

From The Vine Learning Center, we give you some advice:

  • Listen and talk to your child, let him tell you his stories and feelings; so you can find out if something is not going as it should. Ask him questions to make it easier for him to verbalize his feelings and explain what happened, such as: “did someone hurt you?” or “Can you tell me what he did exactly?”
  • Don’t downplay it. Many parents make the mistake of saying “it’s child’s play” and waiting until a critical situation to act. If your child constantly complains that one or more children are bothering him, don’t waste another minute informing yourself in detail about what is really going on.
  • Teach him to defend himself verbally, because most of the time bullying occurs when there are no parents or teachers around. Give examples so the child knows how to do it in those situations.
  • It promotes their social relations in the school environment because by belonging to a group of friends they will protect each other from the possible bad behavior of a third party.
  • Get involved. Talk to the teacher; the fact that she has not seen anything does not mean that she is bad at her job, simply that the child abuser is very good at hurting and knows when to do it with impunity. Tell him about the problem, between both parties a situation can be redirected that does not benefit the affected family or the school.

At The Vine Learning Center | Preschool & Daycare in San Diego, we want to create synergy with the families of our students. We understand that only in this way will we be able to educate happy children, with good self-esteem, with sufficient resources to deal with bullying, and, above all, prepared to successfully rub the future educational stages.