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Remuneration Policy

  • Start: Thursday, May 5

Teacher: Sigrid Arrieta

I will help you assimilate the set of principles and guidelines that reflect the orientation and philosophy of the organization in matters related to employee compensation.

content per week

S1 Remuneration policy: concept and importance.

S2 Process, techniques, and methods for determining the new salaries.

S3 The salary determination of the value of the position.

S4 Remuneration policy design.

Budget Control

  • Start: Thursday, May 5

Teacher: Javier Traba

Our objective will be to teach you the most important competencies of the Controller within the company’s Finance Department.

content per week

S1 Variables of the Budget Information System. Responsibility Centers.

S2 Role of the Controller, Budgetary Control instruments, and types of Cost Systems.

S3 Key factors of activity.

S4 Analysis of deviations and control of activities.

Management Models for Effective Decision Making

  • Start: Thursday, June 02

Professor: Gustavo Calvo

Learn the most important concepts to design an information system that allows you to make decisions based on data in your organization. I will teach you to choose, quantify and establish control parameters that allow you to follow up on the decisions made.

content per week

S1 Strategic plan and key success factors.

S2 Information needs.

S3 Control systems and cost systems.

S4 Analysis and results of a business.

Talent Selection (Recruitment)

  • Start: Thursday, June 02

Teacher: Marisol Carvajal

The fundamental thing will be to understand the most important fundamentals to design and develop the Human Talent Selection and Recruitment Policy in the company.

content per week

S1 Talent attraction and digital tools.

S2 Recruitment and selection.

S3 Selection tools: from Linkedin to Twitter.

S4 Recruitment Plan 4.0.

Management by competencies 4.0 or in the digital age

  • Start: Thursday, September 08

Teacher: Marisol Carvajal

You will learn the main concepts to know how to develop the most strategic model and procedures for the area of ​​human talent in a digital environment.

content per week

S1 Human and talent management models.

S2 Talent management in the digital economy.

S3 Dictionary of competencies and job descriptions.

S4 New organizations and new leadership.

Cybersecurity Course

  • Start: Thursday, October 06

Professor: Alejandro Cortes

Learn to identify the main threats and protections related to the network. It will allow you to effectively manage the network and computer equipment of the company.

content per week

S1 Introduction to Cybersecurity and secure systems.

S2 Protection of networks and systems.

S3 Cybersecurity tools.

S4 Other cybersecurity applications.

Project Management Course

  • Start: Thursday, November 03

Professor: Jose Francisco Garrido-Casas

Know the fundamental principles for project management and its key resources: human, financial, technological, and material.

Content per week

S1 Definition and scope of a project. The life cycle of a project.

S2 Resource control: costs and times.

S3 Quality control.

S4 Contracting and closing a project.

Corporate Social Responsibility Course

  • Start: Thursday, November 24

Teacher: Sigrid Arrieta

Manages the fundamental parameters to analyze and delve into the concept and multiple dimensions of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Learn about the existing management and evaluation tools, the policies, strategies, and mechanisms for dialogue and interaction with the main stakeholders or interest groups