The Entrepreneurship Club is a space for coexistence and collaborative work between students and alumni of IBSOE that was created with a vocation for service and support for business activity, with the aim of disseminating, promoting, and encouraging the growth of entrepreneurs in our community.

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Become a benchmark for entrepreneurial culture, in which all our members, regardless of their origin, have equal opportunities to create/develop successful projects. Have your own degree in entrepreneurship.


Being a complement to the teaching activity, with the aim of disseminating and promoting the business idea, strengthening it, and making it sustainable over time.

Cultivate good relationships with investors, companies, public entities, and other entrepreneurial clubs to build a large network of contacts.

Inspire, motivate and help entrepreneurs to develop viable individual or collective projects.


Acquire the necessary responsibility to achieve the proposed objectives. Attract the largest number of members to create a network of contacts that grows richer each year.

Proactive attitude

Get ahead, and develop the necessary skills to function properly in the business environment.


We will always be there to solve problems that prevent members from moving forward.

Passion, respect, transparency, and humility

To generate trust and for our members to learn to manage the process of success, to have a sense of work and a taste for effort.